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Originally published on my Eksta Training program site

No one has time anymore. It is funny when people tell me that they do not have time to exercise or meditate yet they already said that they watch 4 hours of Netflix a day. That is where priorities are. When people say that they do not have time, they really mean something else right? You can fill in the blank. Aside from the person that works not stop and sleeps only 3 hours per day, we have time. We especially have time for things like exercise and training that will improve our health and happiness. I like hearing excuses get changed to saying, “I will make time.”

Now, let’s take a look at where your time goes. This should be fun.

  • What are your distractions? Can you cut back time on social media, flipping through apps, shopping, or surfing the web for articles or videos? Do you watch a movie you’ve seen dozens of times just so that you can escape?
  • Can you hire out some of your chores or errands? Can you cut down on cooking time? How about driving time?
  • Do you need to cut out social media completely because you are addicted? Do you need to cut out porn because you masturbate 5 times a day? Be honest about how you spend your time.

Where you can put time?

  • What do you love to do? Think about things that allow you to feel more like yourself and having clearer thoughts.
  • What did you enjoy doing as a child that you would like to do more of today? This can also help with looking at your career choice if you have questions around that.

Now, let’s look how we can start scheduling and planning.

  • Aside from putting these things in your schedule, you can join a group, Meetup, or online class that can help hold you accountable. Be cautious starting with just one friend unless your friend is very, very motivated and has no drama going on. A teacher or coach is also great.
  • Is there waiting time you can spend reading training materials?
  • Do you have an achievement goal for several months or a year from now?
  • Do you have any dream vacations that you actually want to start planning?
  • By joining this training, what do you see yourself becoming? What does your life look like?
  • Make space in your home if that is where you are going to practice things like meditation and yoga.


Another thing to think about is not sharing your new plan with those that will make jokes about it or be negative. Typically, they are just afraid of you changing or making them feel unproductive.

This is the day to write out some of these. Find what will make you happy and go for it.