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Finally, after years of debating I got the Instant Pot. I love it. What was I thinking waiting? I can now throw food in the Pot, go outside for 20 minutes, and my food is ready without fear of burning down the house or ruining a pot. I already had a pressure cooker which I used often. I did have to be in the kitchen while it was on. My kitchen does not get hot from this like a stovetop cooker or oven. That is really great on hot days (February to December in Florida).

Beans that normally take hours cook in 20 minutes. (I do not buy canned beans for frugality reasons and I prefer fresh.) A good Thai curry cooks in a few minutes will all the flavors melded perfectly.


Broth, kale, super firm tofu. Manual setting for 1 minute.

There is now no excuse for not having time for a healthy plant-based meal, and driving to get crap restaurant food instead of cooking.

I cook halved sweet potatoes in 10-15 minutes. This alone was worth the purchase because we eat tons of sweet potatoes at my house.

It does take an extra 10 minutes to build pressure to start time for all food. This makes cooking rice in it kinda pointless. A trick I have learned is that if I am cooking anything with tender veggies to just turn the machine off after I can hear the boil. Then, I let it sit a couple minutes before releasing the steam out.

There is a keep warm function should you need it kept warm until you get home after work.

If I do not have 15 minutes to wait for the Instant Pot then I snack on a protein bar or smoothie while waiting. I do about half my cooking in the Instant Pot. I only use the stovetop if it is a 5 minute item.

Ideal would be making meals for the week ahead and putting them in the fridge or freezer.