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Hurricane coming? Snow storm? Better rush off and buy canned food. That’s what the news says. If we use our own brain to think then there are other options. Healthier and cheaper options. Since when do apples not last a few days so we must buy canned apples? As convenient as canned beans or chili are, I prefer other options for Meals Ready to Eat. If I am backpacking for more than a day then I definitely thinking about being as light as possible- which means no heavy cans. Just a few options to get you thinking:

Instant refried beans- just add hot water and let sit. How simple. Perhaps have cayenne powder available.

Regular nut butter jars or peanut butter powder+water

Store bought MRE entree packages (Indian, Thai, American chili). These are pricey but light in weight and delicious.

Edamame nuts


Meal replacement powders

Protein bars or meal replacement bars

Trail mix

Bread or cornbread cakes

Instant oatmeal or quick oats

Dried fruit or freeze-dried fruit. (These are too delicious for me to keep around for an emergency.)

Dried veggie snacks

Instant MRE packs of rice

Instant coffee (or do like me and buy a camping percolator for grounds)

Kale chips (Can make these yourself ahead of time to save $$)

Fresh fruit

Options that take a bit longer:

Quinoa or quinoa with dried veggies 20 minutes on a campfire or butane cooker


If you are just stuck inside then there are more options. Fresh veggies last awhile and there are many that are good raw or that cook quick over a campfire or a kitchen gas stove. Backpacking with veggies can take up more room and if there is any extra water on them then it can get rancid.

Get creative and also look at what you already enjoy eating. Online stores and some bulk warehouse stores offer options for buying huge amounts of MRE and freeze-dried meals in tubs or cases if you want to get serious about stocking up.