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elderberry bourbon tincture

Do not like sugar syrups?

Make a tincture from bourbon. A dropperful is a dose so no worries of getting intoxicated.

Alcohol actually pulls out more of the good stuff than hot water tea does.

Takes only 30 secs of work

You will have years worth of tincture for under $10. 


In a mason jar mix:

5 parts bourbon (or other drinking alcohol at least 80 proof)

1 part dried elderberries

Put on lid. DONE in under 30 seconds. Well, kind of. You must wait 4-6 weeks. Give a shake daily. Strain through fine mesh when the time is up. 

I use bourbon because of my roots + American made. You can use cheap vodka or any other alcohol. Alcohol quality and taste do not matter so much because the tincture will be as black as ink before it is done infusing. You may notice some change in flavor between types of alcohol. For herbs with shorter brews, I really notice a difference. Consult a herbal website or herbalist on how many drops should be taken for the immune system. Typically, it is a couple droppers full or 1/2 tsp.

Drink responsibly- getting wasted on tincture isn’t good for our training. For those with an alcohol-free lifestyle like me: you will not notice anything from this as it is about 1/20th a shot. Some people like taking a teaspoonful in club soda or juice for a very low alcohol adult beverage that is good for you. Do not try boiling out the alcohol to make it alcohol-free. That does not work. Buy a store-bought glycerin tincture for that version.

*** I am not herbalist. You may want to search around for other ways of making it. This is how I learned from an herbalist.