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There is this trend that has been going around for over a year called Doga- Dog Yoga. It came from goat yoga and then cat yoga. While I like promoting animal adoptions and rescue facilities, the doga is getting a bit much. I know someone that teaches doga, so I am open to the idea… for fun. It is a fun experience with your dog or rescue puppies. I can’t see it being a real yoga practice because you are not centered in yourself at all. I won’t imagine what Indian yoga schools think. You can not even get halfway into the pose because you must either watch the dog cuteness or for paws in eyes or ponytail biting. I have a large dog, so if he is on my mat then I only have about 4 inches left to do my pose. Maybe. I do practice this way sometimes when he wants the attention (plus he has been doing downward dog since birth which is more than I can say). Actually, the yoga mat makes all my pets really excited. Pet yoga does not normally allow for me to get deep into a forward bend when I am sharing. I have worked out some poses that he can actually help me stretch more into and that we can do together (e.g. wide leg side stretch). Just do not try headstand or any slightly risky pose. Perhaps, I am just weery of the doga after a dog urinating on my mat at my doga teacher’s house. That was not the most relaxing yoga experience, but at least there were spare mats.

I will still skip the insanity of group doga class at a studio. However, I can see a room of cute dogs and cute people being appealing for the singles.






I do have a YouTube video on yoga with pets. It mentions how I have a mat for my dog. My cat has a bolster. I mostly have my mat. Now, how do I choose music that all three of us agree on…