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This is a Native American staple depending on the tribe. I grew up having them about 360 days per year. It is eaten on the side like cornbread or bread. They are a perfect match with pinto beans. I like to get creative and use mine for refried bean sandwiches or as breakfast pancakes. I eat these more often after being gluten-free. Plus, I am too cheap to buy expensive gf bread that is like cardboard anyway.

corn pone recipe, vegan and gluten free

(Not perfectly round this batch. Oh well.)


1 cup Corn meal, fine-milled** Yellow is best

3/4 cup Warm water

1 tsp Sea salt

Mix ingredients in a large mixing cup or bowl. Stir. Heat your skillet on medium. Sit the mix 10 minutes if possible. This allows for the corn to rehydrate and not break with making into patties. You may want to add another spoonful of water if it is crumbly and dry. The batter with will be thick enough to pat out, but you do want some extra moisture. Put large spoonfuls in the skillet and pat with spoon to flatten into a round shape. It will be twice as thick as pancakes. Cook about 3 minutes on each side. It is hard to overcook them. 


Skillet- I use traditional cast iron. That allows me to not add oil. I flip with metal spatula, so that it does not break apart sticking to the cast iron. If you use a non-stick pan then you will want to add a spoon of oil for crispiness. Cook longer if you use no oil. My family members cook theirs in an inch of oil. There is no way in hell I will do that.

**I used Bob’s Mill Masa yellow corn meal. Bob’s is non-GMO even though the label does not say. Do not use polenta or grits or any corn meal that has large bits. I order a box to save money and because it is hard to find non-GMO in some stores. Feel free to use a cheap grocery brand. Some will taste like bleach or bland. It is the difference of it having taste great and it just being edible.