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This meditation is an excellent way to improve your concentration skills and patience. Many find it easier to still the mind by looking at a candle rather than using breath as focus. That should still be practiced; however, you can do this flame meditation sometimes or switch to it for a period. A form of this technique is even taught by some therapists as self-hypnosis.


Light a candle. Put the candle 2-4 feet away. It’s okay to look down at the candle slightly, but make sure that your head is not tilted forward. Keep your eyes still and stare at the flame. Blink little but where you think about it. Some people will be able to blink none. Your eyes may water in the beginning. That is normal and even one reason it is performed by yogis for cleansing of the eyes.

Allow the image of the flame to occupy your mind. Shut out your peripheral so that only the candle is there. Eventually, you come to an experience where your mind makes it seem like the candle is the only thing that you see. You should slip easily into a state of profoundly deep meditation.

Aside from being useful eye health, this meditation benefits by helping with sleep, improving memory, and helping emotions.