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Jumping on a mini-trampoline a.k.a. Rebounding

My favorite warm up exercise and one of my fav energizers is bouncing on a rebounder. I even use it to run on sometimes, and I get a better work-out than running. That split-second feeling of weightlessness gives of feeling of letting go which helps blow off stress.

  • It can be used by everyone. Those ill, injured, or the elderly can use it with the help of hand rails. Athletic people can do more challenging types of bouncing to further improve their conditioning.
  • It helps the lymph system, thyroid, and adrenals. That is great for weight loss and the immune system.
  • It helps digestion and aids in cleansing this system.
  • It increases muscle fiber tone and muscle-to-fat ratio.
  • It increases metabolism. Other cardio does the opposite when done too much.
  • It can burn many calories and make you sweat when done long enough.
  • Helps with balance, coordination, and flexibility. These are three very important things, but they are seldom worked on.
  • It is more effective cardio than running. Rather than harming joints, rebounding helps build stronger bones and joints.
  • Bouncing is fun. We need fun.

When you bounce try all types: bounce lightly without coming off the fabric, bounce high, run in place, bounce in a circle, kick your legs forward, bounce with a twist, bounce with a squat, bounce with calf raise, and bounce any way you come up with. Try it for at least 3 minutes. 15 minutes a day is great.