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Hip Stretches for tight hips:

Many people have tight hips. These are caused by things like sitting at desks all day, wearing heavy equipment, martial arts, and cycling. Even stress gathers in our hips making them tight. Women tend to hold more stress there than men. 

The hip area is the origin of many body problems- sciatica, psoas, hip flexors, lower back, sacrum, and perhaps worst of all sexual problems for men and women. Problems here send additional problems up our spine and down our legs. Often times a knee problem originates in the hips. The hip muscles are ready to be easily activated for “fight-flight-or-freeze response. Most of our fight response muscle power comes from the hips. If you are not stretching then you are lowering your ability to fight and respond. 

Tight hip muscles can reduce your range of motion throughout the hip, tilt your pelvis, and tighten the quads and hamstrings. Hip stretches are important for everyone. They are especially important for martial artists and athletes. 

Here’s some yoga poses for hips:

  1. Balasana (child’s pose)
  2. Butterfly
  3. Standing side stretch
  4. Eka Pada Rajakopatasana (one-legged pigeon pose)
  5. Anjaneyasana (A low runner’s lunge)
  6. Frog pose

Hold the poses for at least 30 seconds. Several minutes is better. If you only have time for one pose then choose pigeon.