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Debra Simpson

Solo coaching of yoga for student specific growth

This is My Story


I went to India in 2008 with the goal to become a yoga teacher while immersing myself in yoga studies in the birthplace of yoga. I came back a yoga teacher with more knowledge and growth than I had hoped for. My goal is to teach students a similar level of traditional yoga without having to journey to India. I am always the student learning more yoga from various traditions and teachers. I have my personal training certificate to assist a student’s fitness goals if needed. I am enrolled in Kaivalyadhama Yoga College & Hospital of India for my next yoga instructor certificate. 


I am one of a few certified Tantra Yoga teachers in Florida. I have Level 4 Qi Gong teacher certification, and I am skilled in Qi Gong energy and body healing massage. I teach couples/lovers yoga for building a deeper connection and quality time.

My blog has more into me and my style. I am not the typical teacher that talks about opening the heart and requests you to talk about emotions that come up. I focus on concentration in the practice and letting the yoga do it’s work.

I am based in downtown Orlando or online. I formally owned a yoga studio. Now, I decide to only teach private yoga or couples yoga.


Yoga Coaching

Yoga is beyond just the poses on a mat.

I excel at empowering people needing to heal injuries or to grow their yoga practice to a higher level.

Giant egos have always been a turn-off.

Expect to be taught by me from knowledge and skill rather than ego.

Like the name, Dropkick, I teach a serious (yet enjoyable) coaching style similar to martial arts or yoga teachers of India.

Do not expect a light-hearted studio style. We move up in the chakras not stick with the heart.

I take your progress seriously while doing the best for the health of your body and emotions.

Bodywork/Massage available if needed

$60-120 session